Top Exercises to Improve Self Defense – Part 1


Learn exercises to improve fitness and your body for self defence! These exercises are not typical gym workouts; they focus on relieving various tension and stress points so you are calm and able to defend yourself. Ashwin Mohan, Kalim Lineage Holder and Instructor demonstrates unique pushups, squats, and breathing to stay calm during an attack. New Fitness episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Push-ups, the Kalim way

Start from the floor. Begin by tensing the trapezius muscle, then the stomach, thighs and finally the calves.

Come back down by relaxing and tensing in reverse, starting from the calves.

Don’t forget to inhale through the nose while going up and exhale through the mouth while going down.

Squats, Kalim way

Transferring tension throughout the body while doing squats can prevent stress and damage to the body.

This time exhale through the mouth while going down and inhale through the nose while coming up.

Push-up workout and squats exercises done in the Kalim way can increase the well-being of your internal organs and your general life.

Benefits of squats include relief from stress, sleeplessness and irritable bowel syndrome.


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