Swordsswords Stun Gun Baton by Azan 1.5 Million Volts Swordsswords



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Shock a foe from a safer distance. The Lightning Rod Stun Gun Baton will send a crime-stopping electrical shock through a target from several feet away. The baton style stun gun allows you to keep your safe distance from a bad guy. Each expandable extension offers 4.5 inches of shocking surface, making it very easy to land a hit. In other words, it will stop a malicious person before he has time to think.

This stun gun delivers 1.5 Million volts of electricity, paralyzing a target, and giving you valuable time to get to safety. The spring loaded mechanism deploys instantly but has a safety lock to keep it secure. Illuminating your 12’O’Clock in a LED light built in. The loud siren may very well be enough to alert for help. Usually, loud attention will deter an attacker. This Azan unit is well thought out to provide you with everything you need to be safe. Fully rechargeable with the 110/120V wall outlet adapter.

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