Lee Slugs & Rifled Choke Tubes at 100 meters!



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Well… folks were wondering just how accurate the Lee Drive Key slugs could actually be… We put them thru a battery of tests at 100 meters thru rifled choke tubes in the Remington 870 & the Beretta AL390… We are using the Remington Rifled Choke tube in the 870 & we are using the Hasting’s Rifled choke tube in the Beretta AL390. I loaded these slugs with a variety of powders. All of the rounds were loaded into a ‘once fired’ Federal 1 oz slug hull with Remington 209 primers! Here is the link to my video where I show you a few ways to load these slugs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lch1Xt5o-0Q
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