How to Make (Airsoft Trip Wire Grenade) 2018


In this video I created an airsoft prototype grenade with the cincin bottles … the bottles cost is low and with the addition of paper tape and a bit of bbs, paint and transparent fishing wire you will create the trap that suits your needs.
it’s just a working prototype so let me know in the comments if you want a more manageable and professional stuff.

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A tripwire :
is a passive triggering mechanism. Typically, a wire or cord is attached to some device for detecting or reacting to physical movement.
A tripwire may be a wire attached to one or more mines — normally bounding mines and the fragmentation type — in order to increase their activation area.[citation needed]. Alternatively, tripwires are frequently used in boobytraps, whereby a tug on the wire (or release of tension on it) will detonate the explosives.
Soldiers sometimes detect the presence of tripwires by spraying the area with Silly String. It will settle to the ground in areas where there are no wires; if there are any, the string will be suspended in the air but not set them off due to its light weight. It was used by U.S. troops in Iraq for this purpose.[1][2][3]
A newer method is the use of green line lasers to illuminate and detect trip and command wires. The bright laser line reflects off of the tripwire and can be seen by the bomb tech.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Airsoft is a team sport, which participants eliminate opponents
by hitting each other with spherical plastic pellets launched via
replica weapons called airsoft guns. Airsoft is commonly
compared to paintball, which is a sport similar in concept but
with some key differences being:
1. Airsoft pellets do not mark their target, and hits are not
always visibly apparent. Though airsoft pellets may leave
red skin marks or “welts” on their target, the game relies
heavily on an honor system in which it is the ethical duty
of the person who has been hit to call themselves out,
regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen.[1]
2. Most airsoft guns are magazine-fed, with some (especially
pistols) having replaceable compressed gas (e.g. propane,
HFC-134a or CO2
) canisters. Many airsoft guns also have
mounting platforms compatible with firearm accessories, and tend to more closely resemble real guns.
This makes them more popular for military simulation and historical reenactments.
3. For casual players, airsoft is much cheaper to try than paintball, with manual-cocking pistols costing as
little as apiece and airsoft pellets costing as little as 1
⁄20 of a cent per round.
Gameplay varies in style and composition, but often range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios,
close quarters battle, field, military simulations (MilSim) or historical reenactments. They are played in indoor
courses and outdoor fields.[2] Combat situations on the battlefield may involve the use of military tactics to
achieve objectives set in each game. Participants may attempt to emulate the tactical equipment and accessories
used by modern military and police organizations. A game is normally kept safe by trained professionals and
the equipments are usually powered by gas or various types of batteries. A gun’s power is checked through a
chronograph and usually measured in feet per second (FPS). Different game sites allow a different amount of
FPS, but different countries may also have a set FPS, and a gun shooting over the required FPS can be
confiscated or not allowed to be used on airsoft sites; for instance, a sniper would usually have a higher FPS
than a submachine gun, since a sniper needs a minimum engagement range to reduce the danger from being hit
at close range by a powerful equipment.

Airsoft players firing at an objective
Airsoft originated from Japan in the early 1970s. The name “Soft-Air” referred to the green gas used as a

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