Ark: Survival Evolved The Island! Some Mods. Stream #6 Come Relax and Hangout


Welcome to the channel. Please join in chat, we have a great community here that likes to chat and relax. I will do everything in my power to read all the comments that come up as well, I’m pretty good at it.

Wanna be super awesome and leave a donation? .66 Jump scare! All donations go to improving the channel.

Dark and Light info
Server Info: Name: Semper Ludus
Free to join (no password)
20 slots (I’m kinda broke)

XP 2x
Tame 5x
Gather 5x

DNL is vastly different from Ark in terms of experience and the way its gained. Don’t let the 2x fool you, with those gather rates I’ve hit level 41 in 3 days (15-20 hours of Gameplay) and max level is 60.
Little Eagles Discord:

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Rules of chat:
1) No excessive swearing. Swearing is ok to a certain point but F-bombs and hate speech will be removed.

2) No racist or homophobic remarks.

3) No spamming, whether it be in the same comment or over many comments.

4) Don’t be a douchebag or try to start crap with other people in the chat.

Simple rules to follow, if you can’t you will be given chances but if you abuse it you will be banned. Moderators have the final say in these situations.

Social stuff

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MOD LIST: Some are not on

Everyone’s Best Friend (Dogmeat + Companion At Same Time) [XBox]

Spawn Items For XBOX ONE

TCE – The Companions Enhanced – XB1

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [XB1]

Castle Armoury UPGRADE (XB1) – The Real Armoury 1.5

Seeker’s Sight Realistic Clear Water Overhaul [XB1]

WRVR – New Companion And Radio Station For The Commonwealth And Far Harbor [XB1]

Visible Galaxy 4k

[XB1] [English] Full Dialogue Interface (NewDialog English Translation/Port)

[XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles By Azar V2.5a

Home Sweet Home XB1


Unlock Workshop Items, Unlock Häirstyles And Fix B Airport, M Lair Xbone

Campsite (XBOX) – Simple Wasteland Camping

Workshop Supplies – Complete Edition (XB1)

[XB1] Pip-Boy Flashlight – Large

Realistic Headshots

Sim Settlements

[XB1] Tactical Flashlights

Real Nights With Real Lights XB V0.1

Open Season Rewarded (XB1)

Homeplate Expansion By Draco1122 For Xbox One

Enhanced Blood Textures Basic [XB1]

Lone Wanderer Gear Xbox One

Any Armour On Any Clothes – Legendary Edition [XB1]

True Storms: Wasteland Edition (XBOX) – Storm And Weather Overhaul

Faster Terminal Displays (XB1)

Fanfare Level Up! (XBOX)

Red Rocket Safehouses [XB1]

(XB1) Ataralyxius’ Companion Face Morph Collection – Piper (V1)

Improved Map With Visible Roads [XB1]

No Aggro Impact Landing (Power Armor) [XB1]

(XBOX) Followers Don’t Use Ammo

Nate’s Old Footlocker (XB1)

True Reporter Piper Outfit Redone [XB1]

[XB1] Legendary Effect – Swap And Create

Better Workshop Lights – Wasteland Workshop Addon [XB1]

Better Workshop Lights – Base Game [XB1]

Double Perk Level-Ups (XB1)

Beautiful Female Settlers – Non-Replacer – Xbox Version

Lots More Female Hairstyles – Xbox

Power Armor Quick Enter And Exit [XBOX ONE]

Pre-War Bunker (XB1)

(OLD) Ponytail Hairstyles By Azar [XB1]

Tactical Weapon Mods – Mounted Flashlights, Laser Sights, And Stronger Bayonets [XB1]

Jetpacks Improved!

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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