Aliexpress HALLER 2015 New Tactical Fixed Blade Diving knife


apologize for the sound quality/shaking, i need a stand for phone…. early morning recording didn’t want to wake everyone..

what it say on the tin.. sorry if pronounced wrong

2015 New Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Outdoor Self-defense Diving Survival Knife camping hunting knife

A full = (surgeon + handle + nylon rope sheath)
This tool is a gift tool. We refer to the relevant laws and regulations, the ratio of the product is non-control tool, (blade length of not more than 10cm), in line with the provisions of goods and publishing laws and regulations, you can rest assured purchase. Please do not delete the staff! Thank you!

Type: Medium Straight Knife
Full length: 21cm
Blade length: 9.9cm
Handle length: 11.1cm
Blade width: 2.5cm (widest point)
Blade thickness: 0.4
Blade material: 440C steel
Hardness: 58HRC
Knife handle: 440C steel
Weight: 147 g
comes with straps for leg,

link to knife , THEY ARE ON THERE FOR CHEAPER THAN I PAID, JUST GO TO LOOK.. pointless adding the cheap ones with link as the link will die when offer ends..…

thanks for looking and reading if you do.. loads more to come , watch this space.. again i have nothing to do with Aliexpress, just sharing the cheap ass knives found there..

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