8 Personal Safety Products That Could be Your Potential Lifesavers



8 Personal Safety Products That Could be Your Potential Lifesavers

The React Sidekick is the ultimate personal panic button because it shares your location and other crucial pieces of information with your network, loved ones or the authorities and there are no subscription fees
2. Zerohour Apex
ZEROHOUR APEX is a tactical pen for extreme conditions, designed with indestructible materials, an out-of-this-world waterproof ink cartridge, and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip.
3. Nimb Smart Ring
Nimb is a ring with a concealed button that notifies family, friends, emergency services and the Nimb community when you’re in trouble.
4. Trak ultra lightweight knife
TRAK: A mini, ultra-lightweight titanium utility knife designed to be worn in the toughest environments the world over.
5. Wearsafe wearable personal safety device
wearable safety devices provide personal security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. A safety button letting you silently call for help.
6. Defender smart personal protection system
Defender 24/7™ is the First Smart Personal Protection System. 24/7 Monitoring Service Alerts Law Enforcement and Medical Authorities
7. Revolar
More than just a panic button: step counter that sends for help to your location.
8. TigerLight Peacekeeper Mini
A flashlight with military strength pepper spray, equipped with with bluetooth “crowd alert” when activated.

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