Foursevens Maelstrom MMX High Powered Torch Flashlight Review

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My suggested dealers:

I also recommend, even as an Australian, shopping Knifecentre. I do it all the time and have had no issues.

Remember not to order spring assisted or automatic knives from overseas, or knives that come with a double edge. Customs will eat them.

Remember, in Australia, you generally need a lawful excuse to carry a knife. Having one on you equals needing to be doing or on your way to doing something knife related and legal. I don’t know all the individual state laws, but the best thing to do is be normal and not draw attention to yourself or your knife.

My favourite models are:
Spyderco Spydiechef
Benchmade 940
Fallkniven A1
Al Mar Falcon Ultralight
Kizer T1

I dom’t do cash for reviews or free stuff for positive reviews. Free stuff will generally be sent on to other reviewers.

I may be able to review or steel test your knife if you are from Australia. International back and forth post is a little hairy, so I generally don’t.

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