Best Travel Flashlight? Beta QRv2 by Prometheus Lights | Compact Flashlight for Travel


Prometheus Lights has done a great job with their Beta QRv2 Flashlight—it’s tiny & packs a brightness punch, including a convenient quick-release feature. View Details & Buy:

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Could the Beta QRv2 by Prometheus Lights be the best compact flashlight for travel? The small form factor, big brightness, and quick release feature make it a great travel companion.

Prometheus Lights claims that this light is 50% more powerful than a Maglite. Yes, a Maglite—those huge flashlights that police officers carry around. Can you imagine a police officer with one of these?! A little less intimidating, but they may appreciate the weight reduction.

The Beta QRv2 feels really nice when you hold it in your hand. Although it is lightweight, it still feels solid, durable, and well made—which we like. The one we are reviewing is the HAIII black color, but it also comes in Electroless Nickel, Solid Copper, and Solid Brass. They look nice and slick, although we did notice that the logo is slightly off center compared to the grooves. Not sure how Prometheus Lights let that one fly—come on team! Not a huge deal, but does look a little odd.

You turn on the light by twisting, and it has two settings—twist once for low brightness mode, twice quickly for high brightness mode. The top also twists off for battery access, which is just a single AAA battery. All you need to do is unscrew the top and insert the battery about ⅓ of the way down the tube. We were anticipating some issues with all of this twisting—having the top come untwisted by accident or having threads strip. We are happy to report that the threads have held up nicely and there is enough threading that nothing is going to come undone by itself.

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In this review, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 Flashlight – one of the best travel flashlights.

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