These Are The Tools You’re Looking For – Gear Tasting 117


Building your own AR-15 can be a rewarding learning experience. This week on Gear Tasting, Bryan breaks down some tools that are great to have if you’re considering building an AR. Some aren’t required, but they’ll make certain steps of the build much easier for you.

Also this week, Bryan tackles a Question Over Coffee, on the difference between a Combat Shirt and a regular BDU Top.

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DIY AR-15 Lower Build Introduction –
AR-15 Vise Block –
Starrett Punches –
Roll Pin Punches –
Roll Pin Holders –
M4 Stock Wrench –
Ball Peen Hammer –
Nylon Hammer –
Pivot Pin Installation Tool –
Upper Receiver Action Block –
Front Sight Bench Block –
Torque Wrench –
Snap Ring Pliers –
Multitasker Tool –
Crye Precision –

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