Surefire G2X Tactical Flashlight


The Surefire G2X Tactical is a lightweight, 320 lumen handheld or weapon mountable flashlight. The SureFire G2X Tactical provides only momentary operation, but if constant light is needed you just turn the tailcap to the right and tight, then it will be constant, and to go back to momentary just turn the tailcap back to the left. I have used my SureFire G2X on my AK-74 exclusively, and found it to be durable, bright, and easy to operate. The only thing I would change and want to see changed is the smooth body of the flashlight, there needs to be grip added, or molded into the grip, as anyone who has used a pistol before and after stippling can atest for the more secure grip. I feel molding in some texture for grip would make this one of the best on the market. Made in the USA, and under 0, the SureFire G2X Tactical will give you decades of use and possibly save your life. Berz Rating: 95/100



Max Output — White Light: 320 lumens
Tactical Runtime: 2 hours
Length: 5.20 inches
Bezel Diameter: 1.25 inches
Weight w/Batteries: 4 .4 ounces
Batteries: 2 123A (included)

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