Minimum Everyday Carry – Gun? Flashlight? Knife?


Today we’re sharing minimum EDC (or every day carry) best practices for carrying on your body in your daily activities. You’ll see the state your gun must be in, along with what you need on you with your carry gun, including non-gun tools, defensive items and more. You’ll uncover the most powerful deterrent besides a gun, and how to be prepared so you’re not in a position to where you need a gun. You’ll also learn when to carry spare ammo, how to prepare for a possible firearm malfunction, along with which items have higher priority for carrying on your body. Watch this important tutorial, to be prepared and stay safe.

How would you apply these tips the next time you leave you home? Do you follow these minimum EDC guidelines, or do you just carry what you want? Share your thoughts about how you approach minimum EDC below.

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