Survival Walking Stick designed by (Retired) U.S. Army Col. Jim Callahan


I first met Jim Callahan a couple years ago at a survival expo in Phoenix Arizona. I was intrigued by his survival walking stick but the fact that he is a retired Army Ranger who designed the stick intrigued me even more.

I regretted not buying one of his sticks while at the survival expo so this time when I bumped into him again….I made sure I bought one.

For 2 reasons.

1. Because its a cool walking stick packed with tools that could save my life when out hiking.

2. Because I want to support an Army officer who served our country for 23 years.

Thank you for your service Jim.

To buy one of Jim’s survival walking stick please contact him at

(my dad & my uncle both served in Vietnam as Army soldiers so I have a lot of love for the Army!)

And for those who want to know…the Col. graduated from both Ranger school and Airborne school and then went to aviator school to be a helicopter pilot. He did not serve in the Regiment. He is a “tabbed Ranger” and never once claimed to be in the regiment.

I never served in the Army so I did not know know the intricate details about Rangers.

It was me who called the Col an Airborne Ranger. I just assumed if you went to ranger school and airborne school… you are an Airborne Ranger. If you are unhappy about my mistake….I apologize.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with being an Army soldier who is proud of graduating from 2 well respected schools.


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