Mini Swiss Army SURVIVAL Knife Mod


Here I modify my mini Victorinox Swiss Army Knife into a sort of keychain “SURVIVAL KNIFE”! Seven upgrades in total, four of which are BRAND NEW and have never been seen! If you like this video please do me a favor and share a link to it with your friends on social media. THANKS, FRIENDS! 🙂

NOTE: This is meant for only TRUE dire emergencies, not EDC/daily use nor how you generally start a fire when camping. The goal is to make it small and light enough that you carry it EVERY SINGLE DAY on your keys, without exception, so you are always prepared with this bare bone BACKUP in case disaster strikes and your main system fails or is lost. Think of it as your “Plan B” just in case your main backpack, bag, gear, etc. accidentally tumbles off a cliff or sinks to the bottom of the lake when your canoe capsizes.

In an emergency the scales are removed by another knife [never carry just one], a key, a coin, or you can smash it against a rock if need be.

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