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A NEW ZELDA ADVENTURE!! NTG’s gotten too complicated, with all of these new women-folk infiltrating the couch, randos showing up with alternative LP series’. But Pokemon, Sonic, and Zelda have always been the holy trinity (Triforce?) of the core of No Talent Gaming – Dave and Dev only! The two original SFBros have agreed to complete all of the Zelda games, and since they’ve got a shiny brand-spankin’-new Nintendo Switch, it’s time to delve balls deep into the open-world RPG Nintendo sensation known as… THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD!



No Talent Gaming, or NTG, or a pronunciation of ‘NTG’ that may be considered racially insensitive, is a YouTube show where friends get together and play video games! It’s got a lot in common with Let’s Plays, in that the hosts provide colour commentary overtop of game footage. It’s also very different from other Let’s Play shows, as well. Unlike your average LP, we record our sessions LIVE, allowing viewers to interact with the video in real time. But most importantly of all, we don’t have just a face-cam; we have a full on couch-cam, shot in a greenscreen studio, so you guys can actually hang out with us!



*** Dave – The host of the show! He’s the guy on the left. He’s also usually the one who plays the games, and he’s notorious for being awful at them! Dave desires a normal, laid-back life, but NTG keeps sucking him back into the vortex of craziness!

*** Dev – The fat guy on the right! He plays sometimes, depending on the game or his mood. He’s generally better at video games than Dave, leading to some conflicts. Dev’s also rambunctious as fuck, generally contributing to Dave’s already-short fuse!

Naomi – Dev’s nerdy girlfriend. A gamer, born and raised, and an extreme Xbox fanboy as well, Naomi’s only begun to get exposure to Nintendo, Sony, and PC games through No Talent Gaming. Naomi’s around for almost any type of game, but she really enjoys shooters and RPGs.

Avery – Dave’s punk waif girlfriend. Avery’s big into alt-culture and often appears on the show with a variety of different hair colours. She generally shows up when there’s something hipster going down, but she’s also around for some multiplayer madness sometimes.

Jess – Jess, or sometimes spelled ‘Jes’, or sometimes as ‘Jessica’, but most commonly ‘Voldemort’, is a friend and occasional NTG guest. She generally shows up for stuff that’s either scary or perverted, but also enjoys a good three or four player romp.

Cabbage – Real name Kevin, Cabbage is a laid back stoner-type of guy, who is generally down to play anything and is always chill about it. Cabbage is the guy that always keeps the room mellow.

Yves – Yves came on the show because Dave wanted to play MGS and Dev ABSOLUTELY HATES MGS. Always happy and upbeat, and always willing to play anything, even if it’s absolute shit.

Eric – Eric’s the resident racing game aficionado, but like everybody else, will play anything. As a childhood friend of Dave and Dev, Eric’s has no problem giving them a hard time, but it’s all in good fun!



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