The Wild Cards Strike Out


Welcome to The Wild Card Podcast! This is Season 2 episode 7 of our attempt at this whole podcasting thing!! Today’s episode features: Jared Eaton giving his controversial definition of sport (if you hate him, he understands), Jeff Curtis adding in a squeaky toy sound effect somewhere, and Ron Blair describing his family history which consists of a patriarchy of fishermen. Throughout the episode, you’ll hear the three of us discussing such varied topics as: That time Willy Wonka was in West Side Story, our favorite roles we’d love to play in shows but will never get to, The Wild Card Shambala that everyone is talking about, and occasionally we part from our tangents to discuss bowling! We discuss a recent bowling expedition the three of us went on (with “Not” New Ron Blair – Drake Gillaspie) and the history of bowling around the world. Join us on this journey to wherever and we’re sure you’ll be bowled over by our Podcast, with some to Spare!

Please like/subscribe and leave comments below! Let us know about your favorite roles you will probably never get to play, your best bowling scores/stories, and if you are interested in being an official Deckhead!

P.S. Bite the Edge and choose our next topic!

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