Bushcraft: Wild Fire and a Porcupine Den



Bushcraft: Making a Bushcraft Camp – Building a Campfire with natural materials

Its one of the coldest days of the year so far out at the Bushcraft Camp and Jason decides to focus on finding the best local material to get a campfire started.

Bushcraft: Building a Campfire

It’s early January and one of the coldest days so far this year. The last time I was out at camp I built a fire reflector but I realized that I haven’t really demonstrated how to build a campfire by sourcing out all of the materials from the area.

Most of the people watching this video will likely have a pretty good skill set when it comes to starting a campfire, but after making youtube videos for nearly a decade I’ve never focused on showing how to do it. Its funny really, because the people who know me have come to realize (at at times tease) that fire starting is something that I’m good at. I’ve even heard people saying “Jason could probably start a fire with two bricks and a snowflake.”

Well, I’m not sure about that.

Anyhow, in this video I demonstrate how to start a campfire and discover a porcupine den close to camp.

Btw, “Wild Fire” (from the title) just a joke … remember when Alex the Lion didn’t want to join Marty the Zebra…

This is the seventh in a series of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills or camping skills videos.

In the previous episodes I’ve scouted out the location and began to set up a semi-permanent shelter.

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