Breath of the Wild – How to get RARE MOUNT (Lord of the mountain) + make lots of Rupees!


Let me start by saying yes, I know, this was recorded in a super dark bedroom and the quality is disgusting xD – Sorry!

(I had to bring my tiny TV onto the floor and prop up my iPad with Cushions to film this hahaha! So professional!)

this was recorded on an iPad, I don’t have the money for a screen recorder for the Wii U haha. —

So! This is my second time getting this Mount, and unfortunately he can’t be registered at a stable 🙁 even with the monster Saddle and Bridle in your inventory (you can’t even use saddles and bridles on anything but regular horses – which can be done at Outskirts Stable, directly south of the location in the video.)

Note: Bullet-time jumps slow down time a TON! Use your arrows as fast as you can on Blupees (the spirit rabbits) for maximum rupee gains!

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