Breath of the Wild Any% Speedrun in 42:03 (No Amiibo)


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New Personal Best (40:58):
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Sorry for the SD quality. I only have SD capture device. 🙁

You can see the difference with Amiibo is not that big now but no Amiibo route needs lucky cooking for +3 elixir which is only about 15% chance.

New strats are shield surf before Cryonis shrine, shield jump shortcut in Cryonis shrine and another different Hyrule Castle route.
The new Hyrule Castle route is faster but harder. Much faster to get into the boss room but fights are slower.
I got bad RNG for arrow drop from crates and boss fights were pretty bad. I actually had faster fights with +2 elixir lol.

I didn’t use Amiibo just because I don’t have/like it. People use Smash Link Amiibo to summon Epona, Toon Link Amiibo to get fish for Lv3 potion and Guardian Amiibo for Stasis launch in Any%.
I know some people hate using Amiibo in speedruns but Any% is always no restrictions and it has been allowed in Zelda Speedruns community.

Q: Why Japanese version / Why not German version?
A: Because I’m Japanese. :p Japanese is 10 secs slower than German in Any% because of voice acting difference. I don’t care about it since it doesn’t affect to game playing. Wii U has region locking and kinda annoying to get German version for me.

Q: Why Wii U version?
A: Wii U digital has faster loading than Switch, about 30 secs difference in Any%. We guess it’s because this game was made for Wii U at first.

Q: Why do you whistle / How do you sprint without stamina?
A: Whistle sprinting. Hold D-pad down and mash B. It’s slightly slower than regular sprinting but no stamina.

Q: How do you cancel fall damage?
A: Fall damage cancel. Hold R in mid-air, let go of R near the ground and D-pad to change weapon/shield as soon as possible.

Q: Isn’t Paraglider skip possible with Stasis launch off Great Plateau?
A: No, it’s not even close. There are 2 triggers around Great Plateau before getting Paraglider. You can bypass 1st trigger with Stasis launch but 2nd one covers all over the world outside Great Plateau which includes Hyrule Castle too. Even if you wrong warp to the final boss, you still void out in the fight. It’s unlikely to become possible.

Q: Why do you shield surf and tumble at 22:19?
A: For fixing Link’s glitch state. I used shield surf and unequip a shield in mid-air for double jump earlier. For some reason, it causes Link has a glitch state which messes up the next stasis launch with a rock. The glitch state is only fixed by tumbling, loading zones don’t fix it. It’s a really weird glitch.

Q: How do you stun-lock Calamity Ganon?
A: If you smash the ground with charge spin at the specific timing, it stuns him again. I uploaded a video for it before.

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